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Prize-giving of the Sottobosco project

The evening, which was attended by a large audience from other Italian regions, was attended by the President and Vice President of the Foundation - Dr. Maurizio Davi and Dr. Sa Claudia Cuminetti -

The president of the technical-scientific committee - Ludovica Gullino - the winner of the tender Giulietta Gae and her partner Simone Guida (Sottobosco project) - and some other precious characters (small pupils and some artists) who contributed creatively.

Dr. Davi, assisted first by small bilingual readers and then by the splendid narrative voice of Simone Costrino, illustrated with his writings and with the comic strip of the great economist Steve Keen the historical and future prospects of the global macro economic and financial scenario.

Prof. Gullino illustrated, through the presentation of one of his comic books dedicated to the founder of the Centro Agroinnova di Grugliasco - Prof. Angelo Garibaldi - an example of "passion for research" in the green field.

Dr. Cuminetti presented the young winner, leaving room for the exhibition of the motivations and salient features of the Sottobosco project, and then delivered the final prize.

Finally, the musical duo - singer Irene Fuggetta and Ivano Gruarin on guitar - deeply moved all the participants, underlining some passages of the various interventions with songs of high evocative impact.

We warmly thank the participants in the evening and all those, almost fifty, who in these three years have contributed to the Foundation's annual calls with their projects. We are renewing ourselves, thanks also to what we learn from the young people who write to us, from their projects and hopes.


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